“Vampire Power”

By July 27, 2010Private Equity

iGO, the company behind eco-friendly universal chargers and power management solutions, has been awarded United States Patent relating to its novel approach to reducing wasted standby power, commonly referred to as “vampire power.” This represents the second patent received on iGo Green Technology(TM), which allows consumers and businesses to automatically reduce vampire power by up to 85%.

“We are very pleased to continue building our portfolio of intellectual property relating to iGo Green Technology and strengthen our competitive advantage in the category of eco-friendly power management solutions,” said Michael D. Heil, president and chief executive officer of iGo. iGo Green Technology is currently featured in iGo’s smart, energy-efficient Laptop Wall Charger, which automatically detects when a laptop is not in use and shuts off power drawn from the wall, automatically eliminating wasted vampire power by up to 85%. This first-ever green laptop charger is compatible with the most popular laptops on the market and also allows users to charge two devices from one charger at the same time by using its integrated USB charging port. Travel friendly, the laptop charger works worldwide without the need for a separate voltage converter. The iGo Green Technology line, including the iGo Green Laptop Chargers and Power Smart Towers, could have saved U.S. consumers more than $300 million last year by reducing vampire power. To learn more about energy-efficient iGo Green Technology products, please visit www.iGo.com.

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