US is World’s Most Transparent Real Estate Market

By | Environmental Sustainability

A report released last week by Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2012 Global Real Estate Transparency Index reveals a renewed impetus in transparency improvements across the world’s real estate markets. Nearly 90% of markets have registered progress in transparency since 2010. The United States ranks as the world’s most transparent real estate market in 2012, followed by United Kingdom and Australia. Read More

How the US Falls Short in RE

By | Private Equity

The US has a number of clean energy companies, the only problem is they focus their efforts overseas, taking with them jobs, investment, and renewable energy opportunities here at home. Foreign government policies in countries like China and France are driving this migration of clean energy companies and skilled labor overseas. Read More

“Vampire Power”

By | Private Equity

iGO, the company behind eco-friendly universal chargers and power management solutions, has been awarded United States Patent relating to its novel approach to reducing wasted standby power, commonly referred to as “vampire power.” This represents the second patent received on iGo Green Technology(TM), which allows consumers and businesses to automatically reduce vampire power by up to 85%. Read More

Report: U.S. Green Building Market Will Reach $173.5 Billion by 2015

By | Private Equity

According to the most recent report by EL Insights, the U.S. green building market value will balloon from $71.1 billion now to $173 billion by 2015. Of that, commercial green building is expected to grow by 18.1% annually during the same time period from $35.6 billion to $81.8 billion. This explosive projected growth is attributed both to a growing recognition of the potential cost-savings as well as incentives from the government. Read More

From Fuel Efficient to Fuel Independent

By | Private Equity

Nissan Motor Co. announced today that its eagerly anticipated, 100% electric car, will cost just over $25,000 in the U.S. This move should benefit US consumers as Nissan’s rivals will be pressured to lower prices on similar vehicles. The Nissan Leaf, is a four-door hatchback which Nissan expects to hit US showrooms later this year. Read More