Solar Power International Conference

I think that everyone interested in alternative energy should take the opportunity to visit the Solar Power International Conference.

Solar Power International, previously called Solar Power Conference and Expo, was created in 2004 when the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) joined together in partnership to fill an obvious void: the US was missing a business-to-business solar conference and expo. With an industry growth rate of more than 40% per year, there was a need for a single event where industry could come together with potential customers, policymakers, investors, and other parties necessary for continued rapid growth. It didn’t take long for the event to establish itself as the premiere solar event in the US, growing from 1,100 attendees to over 12,500 in just 4 years!

What Makes this Event Stand out from Other Solar or Renewable Energy Events?

There are many existing and new solar events popping up around the US. So why should your company use its resources to participate in this one?

First, Solar Power International has established itself as the only “must attend” solar event in the US. It is the largest solar conference and expo in the US, currently by a factor of more than 5, and attracts the widest range of professional attendees. The event also educates consumers through a one-night public opening of the expo hall.

Second, the money you spend to attend Solar Power International is used to support the industry and grow US solar markets. Proceeds from the event go to SEPA and SEIA, the 2 non-profit presenters, and are used to support the organizations’ year-round activities. Many other solar events in the US are put on by for-profit groups.

What are People Saying About this Event?

90% of attendees report they will recommend this event to a friend.

78% of attendees rate this conference as better than other energy conferences they have attended.

2007 attendees reported they expect to spend US$3.9 billion with exhibitors over the next 12 months.

If you have the time watch this short video on how solar panels are made.

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