There are four phases that we use at Malloy and Company when we work with our partners… Meet and Greet, Look Under the Hood, Celebrate Funding and Management of Our Venture.

Phase 1: Meet and Greet

The first phase is the meet and greet phase. This is when we first become aware of a company or an idea and meet the people involved. Given our deep heritage this is the most important phase to us. We want to make sure that our partners share the same vision for the future that we share. We are looking for ventures and people that we can refer to as our friend as much as business partners. We evaluate a company to determine whether it fits our investment criteria and whether we both need to go through the fun process of an in-depth analysis.

Phase 2: Look Under the Hood

The company then enters the look under the hood phase of our interaction which involves extensive due diligence and potential investment partner building. We want to make sure that all our partners are comfortable with every aspect of the venture. We will continue to work with you as a part of the team to make sure we answer all your questions as well as ours during this process.

Phase 3: Celebrate Funding

The third phase, funding, ends with champagne or apple cider and starts a business relationship that we hope extends past one deal.

Phase 4: Management of Our Venture

The fourth phase, management of our venture, is involved guidance once a funding is complete. We work to make sure that our help and guidance is in line with your strategic 1, 3 and 5 year operating plan. We work together to make sure we all continue to share the same vision and to continually think of new ideas that will be catalyst for change.

We want your ideas in what ever form they may be in. Don’t feel like they have to be completely refined.

We want to work with you to shape your ideas. Our phase one helps us to determine whether a company fits our investment preferences and we try to make this as easy as possible. We will work with early stage real estate projects and companies on brand positioning, strategy and every other aspect of the business plan. We have a network that spreads not only across the United States but across the globe, and we will leverage this to introduce you to other investors. If you are a more seasoned entrepreneur or business we welcome your business plans too. We seek to help CEOs and Presidents fulfill their vision for the company and execute on your established goals.