What happens when texting meets video? Mogreet is born! Mogreet is what’s next beyond text – breathing life into your texting with sound, video, humor, celebrities and style.

Mogreet started in 2006 in Southern California with a small team of visionaries who wanted to evolve the way people send text messages. Now, a year later, with a larger creative team and financing from DFJ Frontier, Mogreet is committed to bringing you this new dimension of texting.

Mogreet Studios enjoys working every day with innovative artists to keep building upon a library that is unparalleled in size and scope. Our mission: To create quality, cutting-edge videos and share the love! A key factor in giving Mogreet a ‘community feel’ is that every mogreet creator earns money when their videos are shared.

Pick it, personalize it, send it. It’s that simple. We believe there will come a day when you can’t imagine a world without Mogreet. Welcome to the end of texting as you know it…

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