Malloy and Company is a single family office that invest in marketable securities, private equity, and real estate developments. Our mission is to foster innovation that drives positive change for the community and environment by focusing on the three key principles of authenticity, innovation and sustainability.

AUTHENTICITY. The courage of conviction. The strength of integrity.

With a heritage that goes back more than 100 years, Malloy and Company is built on a foundation of authenticity. Our customers and business partners rely on the integrity that earns us our place in the world of finance and investment as we provide guidance with diligence and the prudence of experience.

INNOVATION. The genius of ideas. The power of opportunity.

Potential is limited only by possibility. We combine capital with knowledge and networking to bring new ideas to light. Our definition of innovation includes positive change, and that requires the confidence of bold thinking. You will often find us investing in big ideas in large market sectors where innovation meets opportunity.

SUSTAINABILITY. The momentum of change. The responsibility of choice.

As we help create new products, brands and businesses, we strive to maintain the sustainability of the environment. We recognize that profitability is essential to success, and we believe innovation can nurture prosperity for our customers, partners and communities while serving the guardianship of the planet.

We are passionate, curious, creative, innovative people who have a burning fascination for understanding what makes people and companies tick. We hope to share our vision with you on your next venture.